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Shipping & Returns

Satisfaction Guarantee & Returns Policy: We like happy customers. If you have a problem with your shipment or spices, use the Contact Us form or e-mail We’re not happy unless you’re happy, and we like being happy.

Shipping Policy: We ship either UPS or Priority Mail, as you specify. UPS offers better tracking; mail is generally cheaper on lightweight orders and many rural deliveries. We do not add “handling charges” on standard shipping, but the carrier’s shipping expenses are added to your bill. We pull orders on Mondays, and ship on the first available pick-up. Orders received after 9 AM on Monday will ship the following week

Expedited Shipping: Expedited shipping is available on request. If you need expedited shipping, use the Contact Us form or e-mail
We will try to accommodate you but can not guarantee that we can make your deadline. You should expect the Carrier’s shipping charges to increase dramatically, and we will add a handling charge.

International Orders:The international shipping charges and duties are so expensive (even for Canada) that most people will not pay them. Figure a minimum of $35.00. Use the Contact Us form or e-mail us for an estimate at