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Bob's Unbeatable Ribs
By Obie Obermark
Bob (2X4) Herring taught to me to cook like a champion; now I teach you. I've used this basic recipe with many different rubs. Bob never used sauce, and neither do I. Try this recipe, and you'll know why!

Pig Ribs, ObieCue's Rub (pick one*), apple juice.
First, Pick a Rub:

Sweet Mild Ribs - Sweet Rub &/or BBQ Bomber.
Sweet Spicy Ribs - Sweet n' Heat &/or Sw'ell.
Salty Mild Ribs - Smooth Moove, Celerbration, or mix Fajita Fabulosa+Steakmaker (5:1).
Salty Spicy Ribs - Yankeeblaster, Beaumont or mix Fajita Picosa+Steakmaker (5:1).

Rinse the ribs with water, peel the tough membrane off their back and trim off the excess fat (get the big globs). Sprinkle on a moderate coat of rub, (enough to color the ribs but you can still see the grain of the meat), and pat in the spice. Cover and refrigerate for 2-6 hrs. Meanwhile, set up your BBQ pit as a smoker, using indirect heat (See Tips) and your favorite smokewood, (I prefer Pecan), and try to hold 250°-275°. Give the ribs about 2 hrs of heavy smoke, until they are somewhat darkened and the meat has shrunk enough to expose about ¼ inch of bone tip. Remove 'em from the pit onto a large piece of foil, then dampen the ribs with apple juice and sprinkle on another moderate coat of rub. Seal the ribs in the foil with another splash of apple juice. "Tent" the foil, leaving room for steam- seal the foil well, but don't wrap the ribs tightly or they'll shrink up really badly. Put 'em back on the pit or in the oven at 275° until tender, about 2 hrs for 3½lb. spare ribs or 1 hr for baby backs. The internal temp of the meat at finish should be 199°. Ideally, let them stand in a hotbox (See Tips) 30-45 min. before slicing. Drain the liquid from the foil and let the fat rise. Discard the fat and use the rest as table sauce Before slicing, paint the piggie with the Honey-Apple Glaze, or the table sauce and salt to taste.