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Moovin' Chops made with Smooth Moove
By Obie Obermark
Mild, richly flavored and easy!

Pork chops thick cut, 1 c. Apple juice, Smooth Moove.
Marinate thick-cut pork chops in apple juice 1-2 hrs. Remove from juice & let drain. Moderately sprinkle both sides with Smooth Moove & let stand a few minutes before cooking. Prepare a low to medium heat fire. Add a few smoke wood chips/chunks when you start the chops, then add a bunch more wood when you turn the chops so that they will start in light smoke & finish in heavy smoke. Turn 1" thick boneless chops when the tops start to sweat, about 10-12 min. Lightly baste the meat with more apple juice & sprinkle on a little more Smooth Moove. Cook 10-15 minutes more in heavy smoke for a total cooking time of 20-25 minutes. (Internal temperature 160-165°).