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Heavenly Ham made with BBQ Bomber
By Obie Obermark
This recipe will add great smoke and flavor.

Shank ham, 3-4 cups apple juice, BBQ Bomber
Split a shank ham lengthwise and remove the bone. Put each half in a gallon zip-lock, add 2-3 cups of apple juice and carefully burp the bag to remove all air bubbles. Refrigerate for 6-18 hrs. Discard the apple juice, rinse the ham, and let it drip a few minutes. You've just stripped the meat of all the excess salt.
Completely coat the ham with BBQ Bomber, then light the smoker. Using medium heat with heavy smoke, smoke the halves outside down for 45 min, then cut side down for 45 min, then re-assemble the two halves and tie them together securely. This puts a layer of smoke and spices right in the center of the meat. Continue smoking, turning every 30 min until a meat thermometer in the thickest part reads 158° (1-1 ½ hrs.).
The spice and smoke will infuse throughout the meat.