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Fajita Picosa

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A spicy version of our versatile Texican seasoning is both LOW SODIUM (50mg) and SUGAR FREE and combines classic TEX-Mex flavor with a blast of cayene and an awesome meat tenderizer. Savory flavor on any meat, particularly beef and wild game. This seasoning is super in beans, corn, casseroles, omlets and just a shake makes great Tex-Mex popcorn. Small wonder it's such a big winner!
  • Salt: 50mg
  • Carbs: 0
  • Sugar: No
  • MSG: YES
  • Heat: 3
Obie's Favorite Recipe: Always Juicy Fajitas
Allergen Alert: None of Obie-Cue's Seasonings contain Gluten, Tree Nuts or Peanuts.