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Very few of the competitive BBQ cookers tell us when they win something while cooking with my rubs. However, we have these confirmed victories:

National BBQ Titles (that we know of):

ALL 1st Places in category.

Sweet Rub:

11, including 2-1st Chicken at the Jack Daniels, 1 Chicken, 2 Pork, and 1 Ribs At the American Royal, 1 Chicken and 1 Brisket at the Meridian TX National Invitational, 1 Pork at OK Joe's National Invitational, 1 Ribs and 1 Chicken at the Pasadena TX Rodeo Cookoff (over 130 teams).


Best Rub On The Planet-'95, 1st Chicken American Royal

Sweet n' Heat:

1st Sausage @ American Royal, Best Hot Rub-'98@ the Royal.

Smooth Moove:

2-1st Chicken @ the Royal.

Original Fajita:

Best Rub on the Planet- '98

Gator Breath:

Best Rub on the Planet- Ɗ99 Plus Ɗ98 Florida and South Carolina State Championships (both won by Kevin Cowan of Spartanburg, SC using several of my rubs).

Total 20 first place wins in Cookoffs at a National Level.

At the American Royal Rub Contest:

(this is the biggest rub contest in the world and I consider it to be the World's Championship)

Sweet Rub:

placed in the top 10 (but never higher than 3rd) in '94,95,96 & 97

Yankee Blaster:

- 2nd in '94,(also the top hot rub, but no Hot category in '94)


- Best Rub On the Planet-'95, 2nd overall '98

Original Fajita:

- Best Rub On The Planet-'98

Sweet n' Heat:

- Best Hot, 3rd overall -'98

Smooth Moove:

- 5th overall-'98


- Best Rub on the Planet-'99, Best Hot Rub

TOTAL 3 World's Championships, 8 "top 5" wins
National Trade Association Contests Food Distributor Magazine 1999 National Rub and Marinade Tasting:

BBQ Bomber - 1st Chicken Rub-Mild

Sweet Rub - 1st Fish Rub-Mild

GatorBreath - 1stT Pork Rub-Spicyv Original Fajita - 2nd Beef Rub-Mild, 2nd Fish Rub-Mild

Sweet Nn' Heat - 2nd Chicken Rub-Spicy

Moo-Cue Plus - 3rd Beef Rub-Mild

Steakmaker - 3rd Fish-Mild

National BBQ Association 1999 Awards of Excellence:

Steakmaker - 2nd Pepper Blend

Smooth Moove - 4th Pepper Blend

Obiecue's Lemon Pepper - "top 10" Pepper Blend

Original Fajita - 4th Herb Blend

Moo-Cue Plus - "top 10" Herb Blend

GatorBreath - 3rd Spice Blend, 5th Packaging

YankeeBlaster - 5TH Spice Blend

Sweet n' Heat - "top 10" Spice Blend, 3rd Packaging

Sweet Rub - "top 10" Spice Blend

TOTAL: 3 World's Championships, 8 "top 5" wins.

TOTAL: 3- 1st, 4- 2nd, 4- 3rd, & 4-"top 5" wins.


23 First Places & 3 World's Championships.